One of the easiest and most convenient services we provide at MCC Drug and Alcohol Screening is mobile drug testing. Yes, onsite at your place or on the side of the road in some cases. This option for employers provides several benefits including compliance with local, state, and federal laws. As well as liability requirements, policy enforcement, company and potentially employee security, and financial savings just to name a few.

When an incident requires an unplanned drug test, the mobile option usually ensures faster conduct of the drug test. And, the sooner a drug test is completed the better for all – providing most accurate results. Employers can use mobile drug testing as a solution for random drug testing too. Simply not paying an employee overtime, having the employee leave their work station, or the inconvenience of the employee adding another task to their day to complete a random drug test are all eliminated by having MCC Drug and Alcohol Screening conduct mobile testing onsite.

Drug testing in general adds to a positive reputation of a company, ensures a safer work environment, compliance with company drug policies, increases productivity, lowers absenteeism, and can overtime reduce healthcare costs to both the employer and the employee.

With convenience, ease, and reasonable pricing, there is no reason to not use mobile drug screening for your company. Overall, mobile drug testing is an essential tool for businesses to maintain a safe and productive work environment, comply with industry regulations, protect their reputation, and support the well-being of their employees. Call MCC Drug and Alcohol Screening today to get this service set-up for your peace of mind. They offer mobile drug testing anywhere in the continental United States.

You can find all of MCC’s contact information on their website at or by calling (970) 256.7772.

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