What is Spice and K2?

Spice and K2 refers to commercially available products that have been sprayed with chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids but do not contain any cannabis (marijuana) components. Spice/K2 products are sold in gas stations, liquor stores, convenience stores and smoke shops throughout the U.S

What is The Effect of Spice/K2?

The effects are typically the same as marijuana but severe agitation, vomiting and seizures may occur. Also, Spice/K2 has tested at least 5 times more potent than some of the strongest marijuana.

Are There Any Dangers Involved in Using Spice/K2?

The short answer is yes. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers’ National Poison Data System (NPDS), Spice related calls to poison control have increased exponentially.

What is the legal status of Spice in the United States?

As of March 1, 2011, DEA published a final order placing it into Schedule I of the Controlled Substance Act; the same level as Heroin.

Is Spice detectable in a Regular Drug Screen?

Spice was not detectable in standard urine drug screens that tested for marijuana. In 2010 toxicology laboratories developed the technology available to test for the synthetic cannabinoids.

How Long Does Spice/K2 Stay in Your System?

The psychoactive compounds found in Spice and K2 are reported to stay in a person’s system for a shorter duration than regular marijuana, approximately 3 days. However, the window for detection is much longer with chronic abuse.