Exceeds Expectations

MCC is a 10. They are always willing to help and have a very friendly staff.

Carrie Ray - EH&S Technician - PDC Energy


10 out of 10!

Every time you provide great customer service to us. Your employees are very willing to go above and beyond their duties to provide the best possible customer service. When a request is made, it is without a doubt, taken care of. Keep doing what you are doing.

Tara Tozer - Southwest Region Safety Assistant/Claims Administrator - Oldcastle Materials


Love the ease of just sending people in without an appointment.

I give them a 10. Post drug screen telephone call as well as the written drug screen. Very nice to get that call.

Cheryl Anderegg - Grand Valley Surgical Center, LLC.


Very professional as well as friendly and helpful.

We have had a couple of prospective employees who tried to get past the system but the checks and balances are so exacting that the danger of hiring someone who can’t truly pass a screen is practically nil. The staff have been very forthright with us as a company and with the applicants as well. Perhaps that shouldn’t be above our expectations, but we do appreciate the fact that the staff understand the trust we have put in their work.

Julie Brown - Human Resource Director/Accounts Receivable - Frank-Henry Equipment


MCC’s Customer Service has been outstanding.

In the seven years that Your Way Safety & Sign Supply, Inc. has been a part of the Drug Screening Consortium, we have never been dissatisfied with the service that our Company has received from MCC Drug and Alcohol.

MCC’s response to any Drug / Alcohol related incidents has always been outstanding. It never seems that we are imposing on their time. We have always been made to feel like valued customers.

Jim Paronto - You Way Sign & Safety


MCC can give you the results you need.

I would highly recommend this service to any parent wanting to know if their child is doing drugs. It isn’t enough to think your child is doing drugs, it isn’t enough for your child to admit they are doing drugs. You need to know what type of drug and how much they are consuming. This helps guide treatment and counseling. Without accurate test results you are just guessing and you cannot afford to guess when your childs health is at stake.

Frederick Bolton, - Director of Attendance - Mesa County Valley School District 51


Very helpful.

Every time we send an employee to be drug tested our expectations are met. MCC is a professional place and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great drug testing facility.

Alexis Roberts - Elite Field Service



I have used MCC for 5+ years, and from the start MCC has strived to provide the best customer service possible, at no time have they refused any request I have made, and that alone is very appreciated.

Being ALWAYS available to me and my company has in reality become an expectation and not the exception, MCC has strived to exceed their own and has achieved this on a daily basis.

Don Campbell - HE&S Rep. - Monument Well


Just keep doing what you are doing.

Everyone at MCC Drug & Alcohol Screening is always very willing to answer any questions or help with any requests that we have for out of state testing.

I always appreciate that when I am out of forms, someone from MCC will bring them out to me so that I don’t have to go down and pick them up.

Dawn Marie Girard - Human Resources Manager - West Star Aviation – Grand Junction


MCC is very prompt.

You contact me right away to let me know someone failed a drug test. Keep up the great customer service!

Landen A. Brolien, PHR. - Benefits Administrator - Mesa County HR Department



Has there been a time that you have exceeded our expectations?



Ben Reiner - Premier Equipment Rentals - Rocky Mountain Division


Our recent audit was made easier because of your paper trail and phone service.

All companies say they live on customer service but you demonstrate it daily as a normal practice. You all add the “extra” mile without being asked. Thanks for all your help.

Jim Hutton - Equipment Savers


MCC absolutely meets my expectations as they are high.

Excellent customer service. I have heard good feedback from employees as well. Quick and easy for them to get in and out of the office for their random screen and get on with their busy work schedule.

Thank you for running a great business. Please do every thing possible to keep up the great work.

Siri Mora - Risk Management - City of Grand Junction


Himes Drilling Company has always received top-notch service from MCC.

Himes Drilling Company has been a client of MCC for many years, and will remain so that we can enjoy the excellent service that is continuously provided to us.

Each time that Himes Drilling Company has made a special request, failed to send forms necessary for requested screenings, or required after-hours assistance – MCC employees have made sure that we were taken care of in a manner that made us feel that their clients are very important to them.

A special Thank You to Melissa Poole for her outstanding customer service and support!

James Belgard - Himes Drilling


MCC has been definitely a 10 (being the best!) for Hemphill Trucking, Inc.

There have been many times when my expectations have been exceeded. Notably, when I needed to have an individual tested pre-employment after hours, the staff at MCC were very accommodating. This is not a usual occurrence and I would not ask for special dispensation ordinarily, but it is very good to know that MCC is there for us in an emergency.

Mainly, the greatest compliment I have for MCC is that I do not worry at all about any testing that I send to their collection site. I know that the employee will be treated with professionalism, kindness and will be processed in a timely manner. There has never been a complaint from an employee about MCC.

To all of the employees of MCC, past and present, thank you for your excellent service.

Dorian Graves - DER Hemphill Trucking, Inc.