Welcome to the Mesa County Consortium Program

The Department of Transportation’s Drug and Alcohol testing programs require employers to take a variety of actions to ensure a transportation workplace free of drug and alcohol misuse. Mesa County Consortium is available to assist employers in meeting these regulatory requirements.
General role and function of the Mesa County Consortium include:

  • Employers are permitted to use a consortium to carry out certain aspects of their drug and alcohol testing programs.
  • If an employer uses a consortium to implement its program, the employer must ensure that the consortium performs its services in accordance with applicable rules.
  • Consortiums may operate random testing programs for employers and may facilitate the conduct of other functions (e.g., contracting laboratories or collectors, conducting collections).
  • Consortiums may combine employers from more than one entity or one industry in a random pool, while adjusting to random pool groups and rates within the pool management.
  • Consortiums may assist Medical Review Officers (MRO) and Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) in ensuring that follow-up testing is conducted in accordance with an established schedule.
  • Consortiums act as an agent of the employer, and must maintain the same confidentiality rules as the employer itself.