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DOT Urine Drug Screen

MCC provides nation-wide DOT compliant Drug Screen Services.

Non-DOT Urine Drug Screen

MCC Provides nation-wide Drug Screening Services for Employment, Accidents, Parents & More...

Hair Follicle Drug Screen

MCC Has a comprehensive hair follicle drug screening program that will provide you or your business with true results.

Breath Alcohol Testing

MCC offers Breath alcohol tesing and ETG (Urine Alcohol Tests) for companies or walk-ins.

DNA Testing

MCC Now offers DNA testing for paternity and heritage awareness.

DOT Consortium Program

MCC facilitates the Department of Transportation’s Drug and Alcohol testing programs.

MCC Has Two Great Locations Serving Local Businesses


MCC's expert handling of delicate situations as well as their respectful treatment of our employees, regardless of circumstances, is greatly appreciated. We continue to rely on MCC as a valuable partner in providing a safe and drug-free environment for our students and employees.

- Michelle Wilcox
Benefit Specialist
Mesa County School District 51

The staff is friendly and professional and is always available when we need them.

- Courtney DeVito
Senior HR Risk Generalist
City of Aspen

Serving the U.S. & Beyond

Our two Colorado locations serve thousands of businesses nationwide. Let us help your business with our cutting edge testing services and superior service.

Nation Wide Customers

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Grand Junction

1330 N. 12th St.
Grand Junction, CO 81501

Ph: 970.256.7772
Fax: 970.256.0007
24/7 After Hours: 970.234.4538

Office Hours:

M - Th: 8 - 5 / Fri: 8 - 4

Glenwood Springs

2001 Blake Ave #2D
Glenwood Springs, CO 81601

Ph: 970.945.7772
Fax: 970.945.1506
24/7 After Hours: 970.948.5298

Office Hours:

M - Th: 8 - 5 / Fri: 8 - 4