DOT Urine Drug Screen

MCC Provides nation-wide DOT compliant Drug Screening Services

Non-DOT Urine Drug Screen

MCC Provides nation-wide Drug Screening Services for Employment, Accidents, Parents & More..

Post Accident Testing

MCC Provides nation-wide Drug Screening Services for DOT & Non-DOT Post Accident Needs.

Hair Follicle Drug Screen

MCC Has a comprehensive hair follicle drug screening program that will provide you or your business with true results.

Breath Alcohol Testing

MCC offers Breath alcohol tesing and ETG (Urine Alcohol Tests) for companies or walk-ins.

DNA Testing

MCC Now offers DNA testing for paternity and heritage awareness.

DOT Consortium Program

MCC facilitates the Department of Transportation’s Drug and Alcohol testing programs.

Adolescent Testing

For a parent's peace of mind, MCC is now offering Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Screening

Court Ordered Program

MCC offers a “Color” program to help people on parole or probation meet their drug and alcohol testing requirements.

On-Site Testing

MCC is available every day of the week for on-site testing.

Spice Testing

Spice and K2 refers to commercially available products that have been sprayed with chemicals called synthetic cannabinoids but do not contain any cannabis (marijuana) components.

Supervisor Training

MCC offers supervisor training to increase your supervising employees awareness on how to prepare, observe, confirm, and confront a potential need for drug or alcohol screening in other employees.