Adolescent Testing

If a Parent or Guardian feels the need to have a minor tested for drug or alcohol use, MCC can provide this confidential service.

$36.00 Fee includes a 5 panel on site quick test that is resulted in 15 minutes. If necessary, a lab confirmation on non-negative results (showing levels of drug(s) present and a follow up by a Medical Review Officer is available. We also offer a random drug and alcohol Color Program that can be tailored to meet your needs. We are available to answer questions and provide the information YOU need.

If your preference is to test in the home, we offer in-home test kits.


Frederick Bolton, Director of Attendance
Mesa County Valley School District 51

“I would highly recommend this service to any parent wanting to know if their child is doing drugs. It isn’t enough to think your child is doing drugs, it isn’t enough for your child to admit they are doing drugs. You need to know what type of drug and how much they are consuming. This helps guide treatment and counseling. Without accurate test results you are just guessing and you cannot afford to guess when your childs health is at stake.”

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