A new party drug “Benzo Fury” that can be purchased online can have dangerous consequences. This new drug is a synthetic, laboratory-designed substance that is used to get the similar hallucinogenic effects as drugs like cocaine or amphetamines.

Kokodril- Coming out of Russia and based on heroin/morphine.

  • Made from simple codeine tablets.
  • User gets addicted from first use.
  • Injected IV and tissue begins to slough off at the injection site.
  • Chunks of muscle and tissue down to bone are lost (see pics on web)
  • Death usually within 3 years of starting use.
  • No known treatment

Oxidado- Coming out of South America and based on cocaine.

  • Made from cocaine paste and very cheap.
  • Addictive from first use.
  • Inhaled/smoked like crack.
  • User loses appetite and stops eating, unable to communicate and walks around in a zombie like state.
  • Paranoia, Psychosis, and Hallucinations occur.
  • Severe liver damage and loss of appetite.
  • Death within a year of first use.