Waiting on the federal government is no small feat, but here at MCC Drug and Alcohol we are pretty darn excited about what’s in process for collecting samples with regard to new hires, random testing, post-accident, return to work, and much more. Potentially simplifying the fluid collection process means an easier experience for employees and thus happier employers.

Break it down – nuts and bolts. For Department of Transportation Rule 40 to become a final rule, two laboratories need to become certified for processing oral swab samples for what currently is only a urine sample collection option. Once Rule 40 is final, the employer will have the option of choosing urine or oral swab for DOT testing. There could be a time when two samples are needed and then the oral swab can supplement the urine collection sample.

Shy bladder is when a person has difficulty urinating in front of someone or in public. This disorder can get worse when someone needs to produce urine on demand for a testing sample. From a compassionate side, it’s helpful to understand that shy bladder can generate from past trauma, a feeling of embarrassment, and/or the psychological stress of producing urine on demand.

MCC Drug and Alcohol has experience with this common issue. We have alternatives to try and resolve a shy bladder to complete the testing process. However, having the option of testing with an oral swab can positively impact both the employee and the time involved to obtain the test, depending on the testing requirements or precipitous.

The DOT is still finalizing this option and it will take a few months. MCC Drug and Alcohol are excited about the option coming and wanted to share the good news with you too!


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