At MCC Drug and Alcohol Screening we get a variety of feedback and questions about the efficacy and reasons for random drug and alcohol testing. We thought it timely to share a few of our thoughts about it.

At the end of the day, random drug and alcohol testing offers several benefits to employers. The number one reason for a company to conduct random drug/alcohol tests is safety, and with safety comes liability. We don’t mean to sound like fear of lawsuits should be front and center in your business decision making. However, at one time or another any business owner has had to contemplate or fear the possibility of what a lawsuit could do to their business.

Safety in industries such as transportation, construction, and healthcare is paramount. Random drug testing unquestionably increases productivity and performance. Staff impairment due to drug/alcohol use can pose significant safety risks especially to themselves, their colleagues, patients, and the public. Random drug testing aims to deter drug use among employees, thereby reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries overall. Drug use negatively impacts an employee’s ability to concentrate, make decisions, and perform their job effectively (and safely). By identifying and addressing drug/alcohol use through random drug testing, employers will see improved productivity and performance throughout the workforce.

In some industries random drug/alcohol testing is legally required. However, companies can conduct drug tests to ensure they are in compliance with local, state, or federal regulations, as well as to fulfill contractual obligations with clients and customers. Random drug testing can be a risk management strategy. Particularly for companies operating in safety-sensitive fields like healthcare, transportation, construction, law enforcement/first responders, childcare, and more. By implementing drug testing policies, employers may reduce the risk of potential liability in case an accident or injury occurs due to employee impairment.

The existence of a random drug testing program can serve as a deterrent. This dissuades employees from using drugs/alcohols or substances that could impair their abilities. And for very little cost to the employer – small investment for a big return.

Companies should carefully evaluate their specific needs and industry requirements before implementing random drug/alcohol testing policies. If considering drug/alcohol testing, it’s crucial for companies to follow ethical practices, communicate the policies clearly to employees, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If this is something you’d like to explore or have follow-up questions about please reach out to us! Staff at MCC Drug and Alcohol Screening are a great resource to start the conversation about conducting random drug/alcohol tests in our business and what the logistics will be. All the convenient ways to connect with us are listed on our website.


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