Happy 2021!!

The phrase so many have been waiting to say as we leave a chaotic and stressful 2020 behind.  As we start back again into our routines (and wish for others to end), it is important to keep in mind how stress and stressors can affect us

Much like how past experiences can affect how people have lived and coped, current stressors can also affect 

how we manage our day-to-day lives. The pandemic has increased our stressors, which has caused an increase in both prescription and non-prescription drug use in 2020. The increase in drug abuse effects our families, communities and our businesses.  It is even more important for those who have had past issues with substance abuse to find an out, a reliever, so as not to relapse.  

As we emerge from this past holiday season and start back into some form of routine again it is important that we all find a way to relieve our stresses. Visit the links below to explore different stress relieving tools which can help to keep your workplace drug free!

Here’s to a stress-free, productive, and happy 2021!!

MCC Drug & Alcohol Screening

Keeping Compliance Simple