Can Your Business afford not to Drug Test?


Pre-employment and random drug testing for employees can be time consuming.
However, when deciding to test or not, one must consider the cost of
workplace substance abuse that affects companies’ liability to the tune of billions
of dollars annually.

All industries can be affected by substance abuse. It’s not uncommon for many
employees to use drugs on the job and being under the influence while working.
Substance abuse can drastically impact job performance in different

Employers adopt drug testing for many reasons. The goal for all companies
is to comply with legal requirements, improve safety, lower accident rates,
control the costs of workers’ compensation insurance, and increase productivity.
More importantly is a company’s reputation and employee morale.


Here are four cost saving advantages employers can rely on with testing:

1. Recruiting and training savings
2. Lower absenteeism
3. Fewer accidents
4. Lower workers’ compensation insurance


For more information on positive drug testing statistics click HERE
to view the most recent information from Quest Diagnostics.

In 2020, 91,799 drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States.
Drug overdoses are at an epidemic level. Employers must consider comprehensive
testing as a tool to protect their business’s from being swept under.

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